Ladies’ Section,

I just finished reading an article that stated that Spring 2016 will be warmer than normal.  This week’s weather is showing temperatures in the double digits – warm enough to melt some of those huge snowbanks that have developed over the last few weeks.  Let’s be optimistic that the golf season will begin as planned at the beginning of May or earlier.

We’re going to continue with last year’s format for Thursday ladies’ days.  Tee times will be set aside every Thursday morning for players to show up and form their own groups.  There will be an organized game once a month involving the golf pro and his staff.

In the past, it has been an issue for some members to commit to our two-day events which are the Macpherson Cup, the C. Bell Stableford Cup and the Ryder Cup; this year, we’ve changed these three events to a one-day format.  We will assess the success of this move at the end of the season.  The two-person Beth Butler event which was moved to a late afternoon start on a Tuesday last year had a significant increase in participation so we have scheduled it the same way this year.  Once again, we gratefully acknowledge the sponsors for these events.

Year three of the season-long match play sponsored by Tim Horton’s had a new winner, Carly Snell.  This year, this event will be set in motion as soon as the golf season begins so that we can finish before the closing field day.

Last year, we introduced a new format to the Assante Wealth Management Ladies’ Invitational Tournament and it was a success so we’re going to do it again!  This year’s theme is “It Takes Two”.  Again, we thank our major sponsor, Assante Wealth Management, for their support.

Some events/dates to mark in your calendar for this year are:

  • Opening Ladies’ Day: Thursday, May 5
  • Opening Business Ladies’: Tuesday, May 12
  • Opening Field Day: Sunday, May 29
  • Ladies’ Invitational: June 24 – 26
  • Ryder Cup: Sunday, July 17
  • Club Championship: Tuesday, August 16/Wednesday, August 17
  • Closing Field Day: Sunday, September 11

Your 2016 Ladies’ Section Executive is:

  • President: Sylvia Taus
  • Vice President: Barbara Wellard
  • Secretary: Kerry Caruso
  • Treasurer: Brenda Bourre
  • Captain: Sylvia Taus
  • Handicap: Carrie Bell
  • Social: Margaret Barnes
  • Publicity/Sponsorship: Kim Lepkan
  • Junior Girls: Golf Professionals

Until golf season…

Sylvia Taus

President, Ladies’ Section


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