Happy new year to everyone at the North Bay Golf & Country Club.

Looking for a few tips during the offseason? Here are the top 5 videos of 2015 that will help.


Turn Your Hips Like A Champ & CRUSH The Ball

If you are looking for the ultimate power in your swing, you should take notes from this video.

Get Backspin Like a Boss

If you’re looking to get the ball to check up while you are chipping, try this.

Keep The Clubface Square With This Grip Drill

Do you create a bad habit of a grip? The easiest way to get your hands in the right place is to practice with a yardstick.

Hit A Draw Or Fade In One Simple Move

Many great golfers do this to move the ball around a hole’s layout to set them up in a good position for the next shot.

Drive The Ball Without Slicing

These tips are easy to follow and very helpful if you’re having troubles off the tee box.