First flight

Dale Valade and Shelby Madden 141

Tyler Cameron and Barb Allan 146

Todd Crowder and Colleen Kutchaw 149

Second flight

Brent and Rochelle Hatton 149

John Wellard and Marg Barnes 153

Matt Morland and Lindsay Wellard 156

Third flight

Ryan and Angele Kirwan 157 (retro)

Jason and Lily Batise 157 (retro)

Jim Oattes and Grace Debrabandere 161

Fourth flight

Carmen and Kerry Caruso 167
Dave and Nancy Parcher 174 (retro)
Fifth flight

Roy Moore and Louise Reilly -Moore 166 (retro)

Rob and Sandy Deschenes 166 (retro)

Dave and Jackie Barber 166 (retro)

Sixth Flight

Brett and Jacquie Williamson 164

Dennis and Liz Murphy 180 (retro)

Joe Macdonald and Janet Winsor 180 (retro)