Overall Low Gross- Tyler Cameron 71
Overall Low Net- Mike Watson 68
Closest to the pin #2- Neil Russell
Closest to the pin #7-Matt McLellan
Closest to the pin #12- Wayne Malcom
Closest to the pin #16- Dave Byers
Longest Drive #17(14 & under HDCP)-Mark Lucenti
Longest Drive #17 (15 & over HDCP)- Scott Hayne
Team Net Championship:
1st Place- 285- Will Haun, Josh Prior, JF Daoust, Nick Rivet
2nd Place -289- Sean Lepkan, Kevin Roche, Mike Watson, Chris Pearce
3rd Place-290- Brent Webster, Sandro Orlando, Ben Hong, Cam Dobson
4th Place – 293R- Dave Aspin, Ken Leggett Jr, Andre Purcell, Dave Wilson
5th Place-293R- Jeff Mancini, Jordie Leggett, Mark Lucenti, Cam Rotondo
6th Place- 295- Graham Loyst, Tom Casey, Dane Peters, Ryan Leckie
7th Place 299- Josh McCully, Mat Sneddon, Broadie Beard, Neil Russell
8th Place- 300R- Kevin Johnson, Matt Jim Lisk, Mark Schledewitz, Mike Finner
9th Place- 300R- Dave Russell, Matt Curwin, Roy Moore, Greg Mann
10th Place-307R- Andrew Lawson, Mike Wellard, Gord Prisco, Mike Anello
11th Place-307R- Dale Hewitt, Wayne Malcolm, Don Farquhar, Peter Gavan
12th Place- 309- Tyler Landry, Scott Hayne, Steve Denomme, Greg Saunders