Saturday May 26th

Players: 120

Overall Low Gross: Sam Barber 68

Overall Low Net: Jacob Udeschini 62

Closest to the pin #2 Adam L’ami

Closest to the pin #7 Sandro Orlando

Closest to the pin #12 Brent Webster

Closest to the pin #16 Sandro Orlando

Longest Drive HDCP 14 & Under: Sam Barber

Longest Drive HDCP 15 & Over: Rudy Taus

1st Place: Ben Hong, Cam Dobson, Brent Webster, Sandro Orlando   275

2nd Place: Rudy Taus, Frank Peirce, Big David, Dennis Langlois  283

3rd Place: Boo Lawson, Gord Prisco, Tom Casey, Ryan Leckie   284

4th Place: Kevin Roche, Sean Lepkan, Richard Rochefort, Mike Watson  286

5th Place: Mike Bethune, Butch Forbes, Mike Finner, Mark Schledewitwz   290

6th Place: Warner Byers, Dave Byers, Cam Small, Dave Dwyer 292

7th Place: Carlo Guido, Anthony Scarfone, Nick Battigaglia, Owen Hong  293

8th Place: Nick Gribbons, Jacob Boudreau, Jacob Udeschini, Adam Cucullo  294

9th Place: Reg O’Connor, Mike Wellard, Mike Anello, Brad Haines   295R

10th Place: Dave Russell, Matt Curwin, Roy Moore, John Pace  295

11th Place: Jeff Mancini, Cam Rotondo, Jordie Leggett, Mark Lucenti   297

12th Place: Taylor Ringuette, Marc Ringuette, Nate Taus, Al Duchesne  300R