Low Gross: Scott Mclellan 72
Low Net: Brenden Lafontaine  66

Closest to the Pin #2 Mike Anello
Closest to the Pin #7 Boo Lawson
Closest to the Pin #12 Randy Hancock
Closest to the pin #16 Dave Russell
Longest Drive #17 HDP 14 & Under Spencer Brear
Longest Drive #17 HDP 15 & Over Spencer Brooks

Team Net Champs

1st: Rudy Taus, Frank Peirce, Big David, Dennis Langois   287
2nd: Kevin Johnson, Mike Finner, Mark Schledewitz, Butch Forbes 288
3rd: Jordie Leggett, Mark Lucenti, Jeff Mancini, Cam Rotondo 289
4th: Sandro Orlando, Carmen Anello, Carmen Caruso, Nick Battigaglia 290
5th: Brandon Moffat, Peter Moffat, Sean Lepkan, Bruce Knox  293R
6th: Richard Rochfort, Chris Pearce, Marty Perreault, Guy Lavernge  293R
7th: Owen Hong, Andy Boudreau, Anthony Scarfone, Len Pappano  294R
8th: Matt Fagan, Boo Lawson, Gord Prisco, Mike Anello  296R
9th: Ben Hong, Mark Kosturik, Rob Mcintyre, Brent Webster   296R
10th: Grant Fullerton, Jim Lisk, Gerry Cantin, Greg Maclellan  296R