overall low gross: tyler Cameron 72

overall low net: frank peirce 69

closest to the pin #2: serge hotte

closest to the pin #7: mark sledge

closest to the pin #12: mikey anello

closest to the pin #16: mark sledge

long drive #4 (14 and under): dale valade

long drive #4 (15 and over): Bruno vezina

team net champs

1st: 285R ben hong, mark kosturik, brent Webster, sandro orlando

2nd: 285 big david, rudy taus, frank peirce, denny langlois

3rd: kevin Johnson, owen hong, mike Sheehan, mark hewitt

4th: 303R chris pearce, kevin roche, mike Watson, Richard rochefort

5th: 303R sam babrber, dave barber, rob McIntyre, mike carr

6th:304R finner, mark sledge, trevor prescot, jim lisk

7th: 304R carman Caruso, frank caurso, nick battigagilia, Anthony scarfone

8th: 304R mike venhola, glen hoppins, rick forth, paul ducharme

9th: 305R ty cams, pat miron, dale valade, Bruno vezina

10th 305R taylor ringuette, mike wellard, john wellard, mike bechtel