First Flight

Overall Champions: Ryan Leckie & Andrew Harmes (65R)

2nd: Sam Barber & Tom Casey (61)

3rd: Dan Renaud & Matt Shank (65)

4th: Paul Moffat & Tyler Cameron (66)

5th: Nick Battigaglia & Frank Caruso (67R)

6th: Steve & Daren Clark

Second Flight:

1st: Mike Mcparland & Mike Sheehan (75R)

2nd: Sandro Orlando & Paul Cook (75R)

3rd: Anthony Scarfone & Carmen Caruso (75R)

4th: Bob Lucenti & Don Young (75R)

5th: Randy Sunstrum & Joffre Rivet (77R)

6th: Rick Taus Jr & Valmore (77R)

Closest to the Pin #2: Don Young

Closest to the Pin #7: Rudy Taus

Closest to the Pin #12: Tyler Cameron

Closest to the Pin #16: Mike Bethune

Silent Auction Winners: Steve Clark (Raptors Tickets), Mike Valenti (McLaren Day), Andrew Harmes (Ridge at Manitou 4-some)  Steve Clark (Deerhurst 4-some)