Get involved in the new Parliamentary session and make sure the golf industry’s voice is heard

Dear PGA of Canada Members,

The past several years have been exciting for the National Allied Golf Associations (NAGA). A parliamentary Golf Caucus was formed with participation from all political parties, and meetings have taken place with close to 200 MPs from across the country promoting Canada’s golf industry. NAGA has also been featured in a vast number of media outlets both nationally and internationally, including the Wall Street Journal, the Economist and CBC National News.

While NAGA has experienced many successes over the past several years, there is still a lot of work to be done. The wave of change that recently swept the Liberals to power with a solid majority government brings with it new opportunities for NAGA and its request for tax fairness. With close to 200 new MPs with little to no exposure to national organizations and federal policy, it is essential for NAGA to build a brand, develop new relationships, and frame advocacy agendas early with new MPs.

This kit contains an overview of the current tax situation and explains the challenge our industry faces. The kit also provides instruction for contacting your MP and a sample letter to send to his or her local office. Due to a 1971 tax reform, the Canada Revenue Agency does not allow deductions for expenses incurred by business people entertaining clients at golf courses. Canada’s 2,300 golf courses, most of whom are small business operators, cannot compete fairly with all the other industries where CRA does support entertaining clients. Over time, the unfairness of this discrimination against the golf industry has become more and more significant. To Canada’s 2,300 golf course operators, who are now facing the most competitive marketplace in our industry’s history, this unfair tax legislation is no longer a tolerable disadvantage. NAGA and its member associations are calling on the federal government to correct this problem and establish tax fairness for Canada’s golf industry.

Please click here to download the brand new English grassroots advocacy kit and here for the French grassroots advocacy kit. We have completely revamped the look and feel of both documents and hope you will consider getting involved. We are excited to start the conversation on Canada’s golf industry with new MPs, while also maintaining relationships with established champions from last session.

It will be important to keep NAGA informed on any meetings that get scheduled as background materials have been prepared for every MP to review. Please contact Cynthia at or 613-233-8906 once a meeting is scheduled, or if you have any questions on this outreach initiative. Please also feel free to visit for more information.


Gary Bernard

CEO, PGA of Canada