Overall Gross Campions – Melanie Lamarche & Betty Divok 147
Overall Net Champions – Soon Huh & Moon Hee-Lee 129 R

1st Group:

1st Gross Allyson Harrison and Kelly Koselek 149
2nd Gross Sylvia Taus and Sue Burton 150
3rd Gross Lucette Descoteaux and Carole Chaumont 153R
4th Gross Barb Wellard and Irini Perivolaris 153R

1st Net Madison Whittet and Taylor Patterson 130
2nd Net Marg Barnes and Pam West 133
3rd Net Lynne Vokes-Leduc and Mary-Beth Hurley 134
4th Net Shelly Fell and Kelly Dory 136

2nd Group

1st Gross Liz Hadden and Cindy Barclay 160
2nd Gross Sandy Deschenes and Janie Larochelle 161
3rd Gross Carolyn Morland and Grace Debrabandere 162
4th Gross Carrie Bell and Susan Fischler 164

Ist Net Ann Perrault and Val Davis 129
2nd Net Karen Rooney and Solly Hirschback 132R
3rd Net Connie Young and Liz Murphy 132R
4th Net Kim Lepkan and Kerry Caruso 134R

3rd Group

1st Gross Leasa McKenzie and Janet Winsor 176
2nd Gross Jean Kerr-Penny and Carol Dellandrea 178
3rd Gross Marg Attridge and Ronnie Schellenberg 182
4th Gross Renee Raphael and Terrie Moncada 182

1st Net Catherine Morland and Leslie Bethune 136
2nd Net Tammy Hilton and Sandy Slack 138
3rd Net Julie Hunter and Darlene Hayter 141
4th Net Lisa Curwin and Kristen Moore 144

Thank you to all of our participants, sponsor and volunteers.