Results for the 2017 Men’s Tough N’ Puff

Participants: 80

Format: 2 man scramble

First Flight(Net)

1st Place: Tom Casey and Dane Peters 69

2nd: Brad Haines and Shane Grant 71R

3rd: Pat Miron and Tyler Cameron 71R

4th: Dave Russell and Matt Curwin 71R

5th: Jeff Mancini and Dan Garagan 72R

6th: Greg Saunders and Kevin Roche 72R

7th: Shawn Davidson and Denis Lafreniere 72R

8th: Matt Shank and Dan Renaud 74

Second Flight(Net)

1st: Cory Fry and Mike Mitchell 79R

2nd: Jim Hutchison and Mike Monaghan 79R

3rd: Mike Bechtel and Jim Vigars 79R

4th: Nick Gribbons and Adam L’Ami 79R

5th: Tyler Landry and Cam Rotondo 80R

6th: Reg Jack and Peter Kincaid 81R

7th: Bobby Clark and Ryan Cunningham 81R

8th: Mike Roth and Neil Russell 82R


1) Eagle 3 on #1- Mark Lucenti/Sam Barber

2) 6 on #3(Double Birdie)- Pat Miron/Tyler Cameron

3) Birdie 3 on #10- Matt Payne/Al Duchesne

4) Birdie 3 on #13-Dave Russell/Matt Curwin

5) Birdie 2 on #16-Rick Forth/Claude Peloquin

6) Birdie 4 on the 772 yard Par 5 #17- Reg Jack/Peter Kincaid.

Thank you very much for a great season.